The cotton we have chosen to make our great socks is long fiber combed cotton. It’s a high quality yarn, soft, resistant, good-looking and easy to clean. Moreover it offers an unbeatable quality/price ratio! Bamboo viscose cumulates so many qualities that it overshadows the finest cottons: ultra soft and good-looking as silk, it’s an addictive pleasure to wear it on your feet! It’s far more absorbent than cotton (which allows your feet to stay dry), anti-odour, naturally antibacterial, antifungal, etc. Despite its tender look, this fiber resists to machine washing and rough treatments in boots.

All our socks can be machine-washed and tumble dried, if possible inside out. However, in order to keep your bamboo and soy/silk/cashmere socks beautiful and strong for a long time, we advise you to use a temperature under 40°C, and avoid tumble-drying. As for the strass knee-high socks, don’t forget to wash and dry them inside out. Be kind and sweet with your socks, they will pay it back to you! If your socks look smaller after a tumble-drying, it’s not a problem, they stay very elastic thanks to the elastane.

Of course, that’s why our e-store is translated in English as a universal language. Shipping fees are calculated according to the delivery country, and sales are done tax-free for out of European Union countries.

If you are likely to regularly buy the same sock models (for example with your club’s colours), you’d rather buy several pairs at a time, as we cannot guarantee that future productions will give the exact same colours. About the club colours, we try to always keep a good range of colour combinations.

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