Upcoming KozySocks Stands

Have you ever had the chance to discover a KozySocks stand? The KozySocks stands are a pilgrimage site dedicated to riding socks, the paradise of the barefoot rides, the kingdom of the riding knee-high socks, the cavern of Ali Baba for all the feet stuck in boots that are too tight during all their trainings and competitions! Hurry, you don’t want to miss out on the next KozySocks booth nearest to you in the following list! But don’t fret, if you can’t find one near you this spring, just be patient until the summer, or later in 2017… We attend several Jumping competitions, International competitions and horse shows, not only in France, but all over Europe.

On a KozySocks stand, you’ll find riding socks…

Knee-high riding socks for every taste! In other words: equestrian disciplines, fancy patterns and motifs, classic Argyle, thin technical knee-high socks for tight boots, padded riding socks for winter riding, both thin and large striped socks (to sport the colours of your club), etc.

But also classic socks…

To be worn everyday, even on these never-ending days when you don’t ride. And some riders even prefer to wear these shorter socks for pony games- to each their own style!

And even jumpers, scarves, bags and soles!

These products are not available online on our website (www.KozySocks.com), so take advantage and buy them quickly when you find them at our stands! The Lazy Jacks jumpers, made in the United-Kingdom, are known for their unparalleled quality and style for a very convenient price. You will also love our variety of scarves decked out with horse designs. The bags and purses, with their patterns of horses, animals and flowers, will make you fall in love with nature again! Regarding our collection of soles (also made in the UK), they will make you discover comfort all over again! See for yourselves- you have our word (we’ve been testing them for… oh… way too many years).

Find out how our stands are like!

Stock up on riding socks and other products that are sure to pump you full of positive and equestrian energy 😉 Be a little patient if you can’t find a city near your hometown, we may eventually be around sometime in the year! Otherwise visit our e-shop, KozySocks.com (available 24/7) and be happy!

KozySocks stands planning spring 2017

France, Germany, Belgium, Austria, our KozySocks are sold all around Europe!

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