About KozySocks

KozySocks : for just the right fit!

Hop, hop, hop! Socks for one and all, and may everyone all feel nice and cozy in their socks! KozySocks loves all feet, not just those of riders, even if that’s what we’re known for. Small, big, serious, fun, riders, walkers, students, lolitas or solicitors… Whoever you are, KozySocks wants to take care of your feet!

It’s true that riders made our reputation. The demand for them has allowed for the development and production of ultra-comfortable styles of socks for all, knitted seamlessly with only natural, noble materials. No more bothersome folds at the toe or the heel: in boots, in sneakers or in regular shoes, KozySocks spreads happiness to the tips of your toes!

One thing’s for certain; with KozySocks your feet will never be bored: just look at the colours, the patterns, the unique collections – always innovative- and our wide variety of styles to know that they will make a party in your shoes.

KozySocks: big quality… small price!


Long-fiber combed cotton, bamboo, soy/silk/cashmere: at KozySocks we use natural materials, not synthetic. Moreover, we use noble materials because it’s in our nature. Besides, it’s your feet that will have the last word. And our clients’ feet say that they are happy to slide into the materials

that we have selected for them! Why? Because they are so comfortable, of course!

Take a look at the care taken with the finishing. The socks are hand-finished in our production workshop to give you a seamless product and maximum comfort. The toe and the heel are reinforced for sturdiness. The edges hold up without being constricting. The riders know all about this…

But our socks, knee-highs and footies, have another secret: since we are the manufacturer, we develop our collections ourselves. And that means an incredible variety of styles, new items for each season, but above all… incredible quality at an equally incredible price. Incredible, right? The foot, in a nutshell!

You can see, feel and live the quality! Your feet will not be the only ones who will rejoice. On this photo, feet with cotton apple-green Puzzle knee-highs, with a bit of straw, and other feet with turquoise bamboo knee-highs. What joy…

Mais nos chaussettes, mi-bas et socquettes ont un autre secret : comme nous sommes fabricant, nous développons nous-mêmes nos collections. Et cela veut dire pour vous une variété incroyable de modèles, des nouveautés à chaque saison, mais surtout… une qualité incroyable à un prix tout aussi incroyable. Incroyable, non ? Le pied, en somme !

La qualité, ça se voit, ça se sent, ça se vit ! Vos pieds ne seront pas les seuls à s’en réjouir. Sur cette photo, des pieds habillés de mi-bas Puzzle vert pomme en coton, avec un peu de paille, et d’autres pieds habillés de mi-bas en bambou turquoise unis. Le bonheur…

KozySocks: the socks that speak to riders

Since 2008, the KozySocks stands have been present at all the biggest equestrian competitions and shows in France, Germany, Switzerland, Italy, Belgium, the Netherlands, Great Britain and Ireland. Seduced by our styles, our collections and the great quality of our knee-highs and socks, it’s the riders who have made our reputation. But our stands are open to all. By regularly checking our blog, you can follow our road map. We would be very happy to see you, and your feet could take our socks home with you and check out our new trends!

Stand de chaussettes d'équitation KozySocks au Salon du Cheval à Paris 2015

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